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Learn all the recruiter's secrets, tips, and tricks. Follow an innovative job search system, bring your application to the next level, and GET HIRED!!

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Why choose GET HIRED Training?

This unique training providesyou with theoretical and practical first-hand knowledge to help you:

  • Stop feeling lost, hopeless, frustrated in the search and application process.
  • Stop sending 50 applications a week and get no responses.
  • Stop getting rejected because of your current Dutch language level.
  • Stop feeling like you don't really know what you are doing and wondering how it should be done.
  • Stop worrying that you will never get the job you want and you will have to come back to where you came from or take a job you are overqualified for.

What is included in the GET HIRED training?

The most holistic training for international job seekers in The Netherlands includes:

+ 60 video lessons
+13 bonus video and audio lessons
+ 6 hours of training in total
+ 10 useful resources, tools, and templates 

Monthly live Q&A calls with Alice Karmelita (all packages)
One or two 1:1 counselling sessions with Alice (only in premium and subscription package)

Private and Safe Community
- to share experiences, network,
- brainstorm,  
- support each other.

- Easy to follow Step by Step Process & clear tasks,
- Theory and practice of search and application from recruiter's perspective,
- Focus on a strong success mindset.

What will You learn?

 your ideal
position & Comapny

how to
search and apply
with a system and results
How to
build a storng success mindset
How recruiters think
How to stand out
How to
build a cv that converts to an interview
How to
get hired
even with basic Dutch
how to
crack the intyerview
How to
improve your LinkedIn profile &
start networking

..and more!

Is this training for me?

Does any of these statements resonate with you?

  • I am looking for a job in The Netherlands.
  • I want to find a job I will like, not just any job.
  • I am not sure how to stand out as a candidate.
  • I have been applying for months and I am losing hope.
  • I feel like I am doing it all wrong, I keep getting rejected.
  • My Dutch is at A2 level or higher and I want to learn more, but I keep getting rejected because of my Dutch. I don't know what to do.

If you are ready for this training you can say:

  • I want to get hired in The Netherlands.
  • I have around 3 hours per week available to follow the training consistently.
  • I am ready to take responsibility and charge of my career. I am ready to take action!
  • I am ready to invest as much time as I can into searching an applying for jobs.
  • I am ready and committed to consistently learn Dutch as it will help me develop my dream career.

Hannah has tested the training for you and she loves it!

So far I've completed the first six modules of this training and I am very happy with the insights I've gotten so far!
  The structure of this training is great: you can easily move from lesson to lesson within each module and you will always have good oversight of the remaining lesson and what you've completed already.  
The homework is not just to keep you busy, it really helps to deepen what you have learned throughout the lessons and the modules and is an extension of the course material.   I have attended a lot of trainings and workshops in my life and this one hit the nail on the head in terms of delivering what it promised!  
Even after only six modules, I feel like I've gained so much new knowledge, new insights, and new confidence in regards to my job search.   Through videos, audio and visual aids, this training is easy and pleasant to follow and Alice's passion and spirit for what she does are contagious.  
Overall, this is a great training that I would recommend in a heart-beat to everyone who needs a little kick in their butt to find new motivation, skills, and insights into finding a job as an international in the Netherlands.
Hannah Belitz

Expat Job Seeker in NL, recently graduated

Course Curriculum

How does it work?


Enroll in the GET HIRED Training

After you purchase the training your access is granted immediately. There are 5 modules ready to follow and every week one new module will be added.
The enrollment is active for a limited time.


Set foundations and start following an easy and effective process

No matter where you are in the process, after you set some foundations, you start following a step-by-step process with constant community support.


Gain confidence, awareness and apply from a higher level

Knowing how recruiters think and what are your biggest assets boosts your confidence, and your application makes sense and draws attention.


Get hired even with basic Dutch

You set a clear plan of your career development and the pathway to your dream job.
Follow every step of this plan and get hired even with basic Dutch.

Who is your trainer?

Alice Karmelita

CPC, ELI-MP, Career & Leadership Coach, Trainer, Entrepreneur,
Founder of Karmelita-Coaching & Conscious Career Institute

Alice got her first job in The Netherlands before she had even moved here. It was a professional position at a big Dutch company in Human Resources.
Her level of Dutch was basic and, except for studying coaching, she had no professional experience related to HR.
All Alice had was a mission, vision, determination. She has learned Dutch within a few months after joining the company.

She has learned how to do the impossible and now she is ready to teach you!

Now, Alice is primarily focused on helping international professionals get unstuck in their jobs, regain motivation, and set a new, fulfilling and joyful  career path.

Nonetheless, Alice is still dedicated to helping expat job seekers by sharing her expertise, experiences, free, valuable resources, and most importantly, teaching how to build a strong success mindset.

Alice is a double-certified coach, passionate about human resources, cross-cultural relationships, and she loves to discover and unleash human potential.

+200 expats hired in NL

from +20 countries around the world

in +10 different sectors

with +5 years in coaching & HR

This is not another course that describes the theory about CV and teaches you that a handshake matters on your job interview...

It's the first and ONLY such holistic and practical training.
From A to Z.

Chia-Ying Lai 

expat in NL

The step by step exercise helps me dig out what values and strength I have, and what I don't like. I can build up confidence by starting applying for the most relevant vacancies.
I will recommend to people who suffer from frustration for a while. That way, you already experienced what didn't work. Try to embrace a new method offered by Alice and pick up the things that really improve our mindset and strategy!

Mahesh Vasnani

expat, got hired in NL

I used Alice's career service and was highly satisfied by the guidance she provided. She puts all her efforts and curates her solutions according to her clients needs. I had a chance to have a demo interview with her just a day before my actual job interview, in which she accommodated me with impactful feedback and some great tips too. I highly recommend her service.

Marieke Spee

HR Director

[...] It was a great journey of reflection and realization and I recommend Alice to anyone who wants to live a joyful, effortless, happy and successful life. (about coachig with Alice)

Course Pricing

  • Job Search Like A Pro
  • 13

    Stop sending 50 applications a day for random jobs. Search like a pro and find only perfect matches!

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  • 15 Video & Audio Lessons
  • Unlimited access to two modules
  • Unlimited access to three bonus modules
  • Downloadable resources
  • Search Sheet PRO to support the process
  • Strategy for an easy & effective search
  • Coupon to get easy access to other modules too!
  • Acess to the GH Community!
  • Professional support
  • Find Your Ideal Job
  • 13

    Do you want to apply for best-fitted positions? Are you not really sure yet what could it be? This training is for you!

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  • 15 Video & Audio Lessons
  • Unlimited access to two modules
  • Unlimited access to three bonus modules
  • Downloadable resources created to help you gain clarity of your ideal job
  • Workbook with 4 chapters to fill in
  • Checklist to prepare you for the search
  • Coupon to get easy access to other modules too!
  • Acess to the GH Community!
  • Professional support
  • Student Budget Package
  • 137


    Enroll Now
  • 11 carefully prepared modules that address all challenges
  • Access to the unique, private, and safe community for extra support
  • Tailored resources
  • Montly live Q&A calls with Alice Karmelita
  • Unlimited access to the training, and to updates
  • Answers to all recruiter's secrets
  • 3 Bonus modules
  • Bonus lists

You can enroll in this training or...

Spend 10 hours browsing videos on youtube, get overwhelmed with unfiltered info, and still not know what to do and how to do it
Keep randomly sending mass applications and get discouraged after every rejection .
Settle for a random job with a low salary and boring, too easy tasks for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

No, the training itself does not give you a job or guarantee a getting a job. The purpose of this training is to educate you, deliver the best techniques, carefully created tools, empower you, guide you, inspire you. Following the exact system and all the tips will increase your chances of getting hired tremendously. It is up to you, however, how committed are you going to be to your goals, and how much time and effort are you going to put into the process.

Yes! We deliver the best information, techniques, tools, resources that give you all you need to get hired. It’s up to you how committed are you to follow all the steps and get hired.

Yes! The training addresses every step of the job search and application process. You can jump between modules if needed. However, every single search and application starts a new independent process. Every time you go through the same path. You seek an opportunity, you make contact, you apply, build a relationship, attend an interview. The training is designed in a purposeful and coherent way that allows you to improve each step on a conscious and subconscious level.

Yes! Although we are pretty sure that you will find it very useful and valuable, you have a right to a full refund within 14 days of the purchase.

You can keep your access and join any time in the future. We have several updates already planned. Some of the modules can be useful also outside of the job search and application process. You could also help a friend. If you bring a friend to take over your access to the training, you get your money back, and your friend receives an extra discount. You can ask for a full refund within 14 days of the purchase.

Yes! We appreciate your enthusiasm! By bringing others to the training, you help them, and yourself. For every person, you receive 20 EUR. Your friend gets an extra 5% discount too! So if 4 of your friends join the group, the training is nearly free!
Plus you get to support each other with your friends. Remember that you have to be enrolled in the training in order to have your affiliate link.